9.10.19 / by Marina Harkness


Summer went good. It’s already cold in Minnesota which means good comics making weather. I had a little bit of fun but mostly it’s all about laying low and working, which is good. I like it that way. Body feels worn out but it’s to be expected.

I wrapped up my open critique night sessions at Boneshaker books and I’m happy to have met a few folks that were interested in comics and had questions about craft and clarity. Me and Pete Faecke always joke that we have to leave town and go to shows in Ohio and Illinois to find other Minnesota cartoonists. We’re all to insular and weird and it’s habit we gotta be mindful of. I’m interested in doing a monthly comics meet up to some degree. Meeting weekly is nice for little low order things but you obviously can’t get too much done in between. I can’t stress enough the need to just do comics. Just do the thing that you want to do. So many people turn to you for advice on how to get better and how to make the thing they want to make and almost always you just need to find the drive to do it. Make sure your life supports whatever you want in terms of your energy level and the time you have to create something, but sometimes you just need to bully yourself into being focused.

Everyone knows it, nobody wants to hear it, etc.

I’ve hit over 100 pages on my book, which feels nice. Having a hefty stack is great for my brain to actually feel like I’m making progress. Really, I’m on the downhill slide and I’m gearing up to do some redraws for Tinderella for the re-issue coming this spring. Not that much is going to change, just the table dressing. Hoping to have just about 30 pages left to do at the end of the year for DP and next year I just get to make hella minis and enjoy my life again. I have a few things cooking, but if anyone has ideas or anthologies they want to put together next year, now would be a great time to shoot me a message about it.

I won’t be at SPX next week, but I do have an anthology out with Tinto Press that I should be telling you all about:

This is that thing I was talking about curating- basically I got all of my good autobio buddies and we all wrote a script and had a different artist draw it. The idea partially came about with me and my friends complaining about how trite and stupid most autobio anthologies can be. Alex Graham did the cover, and Pete Faecke, Hyena Hell and Nate McDonough all put scripts and comics together. I ended up drawing Nate’s script, here’s a little preview of the pages:

Tinto Press will debut the book available at SPX for 10 bucks, so swing by Ted’s table if you’re in Bethesda next week. If not, make sure you pre-order it here and you won’t be sorry.

Good news is though, I’ll be at Twin Cities Zine Fest in 2 weeks so you can catch me there. I’ll have a mini from my cousin DJ Montney, who is currently serving time in prison somewhere up in the upper pennisula of Michigan. We’ve been corresponding and I showed him a pretty simple way of making a mini comic, so I’ll have a little flip book made by him. All the profits will go toward me buying him some art supplies or books and things.


He’s legitimately good at drawing and shit, you should buy it. I’ll also have some ridiculous little minis from My boyfriend who is making depressing family circus parodies because why the fuck not.

Boyfriend/Zine genius

Boyfriend/Zine genius

Anyways, TC Zine Fest will probably be my last show of the year and so I’ll see you all around when I’m much more active in 2020. I’m kicking around the idea of doing a patreon but I also don’t really want to do it and don’t know what the hell I would do for tiers. I’m not a strip cartoonist. I don’t do dailies and I don’t really want to make some quarterly or monthly comic that pulls me away from doing more adventurous things. But I love money oh noooo.


See u guys around